Length-Weight relationships of Cyprinus carpio from the Indus River at Chashma Lake, District Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan


  • Muhammad Sajid khan The University of Lahore, Sargodha Campus, Sargodha, Pakistan
  • Sikandar Hayat IMBB Department, The University of Lahore, Defense Road Campus, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Arif Malik IMBB Department, The University of Lahore, Defense Road Campus, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Qurban Ali IMBB Department, The University of Lahore, Defense Road Campus, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Abir Ishtiaq Institute of Pure and Applied Biology, Zoology Division, Bahaudddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan
  • Mujahid Niaz Akhtar Institute of Pure and Applied Biology, Zoology Division, Bahaudddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan




Body girth, Length-weight relationship, Length-length relationship, condition factor


Length-weight relationships (LWRs) and relative condition factors are of great importance in fishery assessment studies since they provide information about the growth of all fishes. The objective of the present study was to develop the model for predicting length-weight relationship (LWR) length relationship (LLR) and condition factor (K) of Cyprinus carpio at Chashma Lake District Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan. In January 2017, Samples of 43 fish’s range in size of 31.00 cm to 60.80 cm were taken to estimate the LWR and LLR. The length of the fish was ranged in size from 31.00 to 60.80 cm with a mean of 43.50 (± 1.98) in TL and from 25.00 to 50.00 cm with a mean range of 35.20 (± 1.87) in SL. The regressions result for LWR were found highly significant (r =0.943; P < 0.001) with coefficients of determination, r2 = 0.889 showing a highly significant correlation between logs transformed data of TL and W. Slope value (b) of C. carpio was found 3.01, which is very close to 3.00, hence representing an isometric growth pattern. In LLR, the SL, BG, DFL, PvFL, and AFB were found isometric (b=1) with TL, HL, PtFL, PtFB, PvFB, AFL, CFL and CFW showed negative allometric growth, while DFB showed positive allometric growth with TL in C. carpio. Condition factor (K) remained insignificant with TL and BW.


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