Advanced Courses in Life Sciences

We will host Prof. Dr. Donald L. Swiderski, and Prof. Dr. M. Zelditch for a period of one week at Koç University from  01-08 May 2023. After a one-day seminar on analyzing mammalian macro-evolution, Dr. Swiderski, and Dr. M. Zelditch will hold a course on geographic analysis of biodiversity (integrating geographic, shape, and phylogenetic data) on the following days of the week. In this course instructors will introduce different conceptual biological reasons why it might be interesting to examine biodiversity data in a geographic context, focusing on the relationships between species richness, trait similarity, and phylogeny, as well as patterns of turnover in those relationships. In this overview, they will discuss what these can reveal about patterns of community assembly, in situ diversification vs immigration, as well as the potential connections between these patterns and environmental/climatic/elevational gradients.

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